Construction Guide

Each triangular structural member is labeled according to the following system...

Row#_Triangle# (counting bottom up and left to right on the above diagram)

And each connection is labeled with the two triangles the piece connects separated with and equal sign. For example...


The image below is a guide to bending the aluminum triangles (specifically for rows 10-18, further instructions for the other rows will be coming soon)


Work Progress

Great work everyone! The work has really come along.
One minor bump in the road is that a few wedges and tabs might need to be remade if the slotting changes due to lack of room a leg of a triangle.
Otherwise the layout team can begin. As for the layout it looks as if we will need to place pieces adjacent to one another and delete overlapping lines. This will decrease the cost of cutting.


Work to be done

So guys, as you can see there is still a lot of work to be done. I will try to keep this updated as files come in. If you worked on a file that now has a red X please change the labeling so that it is 1/8" in height and a single line font such as "roman s" then resend it.

First layout for cutting

This is a layout of our first 4'x8' sheet of aluminum to be water jet cut. I includes triangles in rows 1, 2, and half of row 3 and the required connecting pieces between all those triangles.