...And Some More

Grid on surface to use as guide.

EX_03 Trial and Error

Basically right now I am just trying to figure out the best way to approach putting a structural frame onto this form. I know the design I want to accomplish but not sure how to get there yet.
Here I drew 2 curves on the surface of the form and tried to create an average of the two lines between them and got a very awkward curve as a result.

Here the projection of the the lattice design did not completely enclose the surface I was trying to cover.

The paneling tool creates great surfaces but I need a frame.

Here is the beginning of a series of ribs on a platform which could then be connected by secondary framing.

EX_02 More Research

Renzo Piano uses a structural lattice system as a curved surface to enclose the Kansai Internation Airport.

EX_02 Research

The Javits Convention Center in New York was built by I.M. Pei in the late 20th century. The exterior is an assemblage of space frames fitted with clear glass. Inside, the structure is supported by tubular steel pillars.

Although the form of the building is very regular I.M Pei used several different methods for connecting different structural elements which could prove useful.

EX_01 Connection

Here an assemblage is created by connecting identical curvilinear forms. The repeating form is designed to hook on to one another and thus works in tension only.


Digitally Enhanced Architecture and Fabrication (D.E.C.A.F)
Calpoly Pomona, Department of Architecture
Prof. Axel Schmitzberger
Winter 2009