Team K

Since we are now continuing on this design as a team our work is now spread out. We have decided to move away from pipes. Our six main structural ribs are now rectilinear in cross section. This allows us to to easily manufacturer them by laminating plywood pieces. Take a look at Marilyn's blog for some images of this change.

We are also continuing to improve the connection of the triangulated bracing. Again, we want to move away from pipes. We are proposing a new design where the bracing is inset between each rib. Images of this can be seen on Jorge's blog. We are still working on this connection as there are issues that arise from the rectangular ribs being arrayed at an angle and not perpendicular to the ground plane. The advantage of this new connection, however, is that only angles between the braces, along the surface of the form, need to be predetermined but the angle in the second dimension remains flexible.

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